Saponified Ingredients

Organic Coconut Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Organic Soya Bean Oil

Cocoa Butter

Avocado Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Proprietary essential oil blends


Coconut Milk + Honey – organic coconut milk, local unpasteurized honey

French Sage organic castor oil, French green clay, sage, rosemary + grapefruit essential oil blend.

Gifted Geranium organic castor oil, Australian pink clay, mica, powdered rose petal, geranium, ylang ylang, rosewood/ho wood, lavender essential oil blend

Ginger + Oats organic castor oil, powdered organic ginger, organic oats, organic quinoa, ginger, lemon, vetiver essential oil blend

Long Love Lavender organic castor oil, alkanet root powder, lavender essential oil

Lavender + Patchouli organic castor oil, French green clay, powdered patchouli leaf, lavender, patchouli essential oil blend

Midnight Lemongrass – organic castor oil, organic seaweed, black clay, lemongrass, litsea, lemon, lavender essential oil blend.

Peppermint Pleasure organic castor oil, Australian pink clay, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary essential oil blend

Peppermint Lavender – organic castor oil, organic ground oats, collodial oats, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus essential oil blend

Spirit of Spring – organic castor oil, Australian pink clay, alkanet root powder, petitgrain, bergamot, rosemary, lavender essential oil blend.

Spruce + Fir organic castor oil, French green clay, spruce, balsam fir, fir needle, cedarwood essential oil blend

Summer Lime – organic castor oil, pink clay, ylang ylang, lemon, lime, rosemary essential oil blend

Sweet Love – organic castor oil, Australian pink clay, mandarin, sweet orange, cinnamon leaf, ylang ylang, benzoin essential oil blend.

Sweet Orange Oasis organic castor oil, organic paprika, sweet orange, mandarin, bergamot essential oil blend

Winter Thyme eucalyptus, thyme, pine, tea tree and lavender essential oil blend (Karooch Winter Blend)


Single Bar – $7

Variety Box of 4 Bars – $22

8 Bars – $42 (1 or 2 varieties of your choice)

Order by email –

Text or Call – 705 872 7115


Lovingly made small batch soap using the hot process method

Made in Peterborough, Ontario

 Be sure to drop by GreenUP for a small selection of soaps available for purchase


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