Dear Future Me

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Dear Future Me,

The future follows me with a feverish frenzy. Against the here and now, I wish to be there to see if dreams do come true. Dirty hands and earth soaked feet, vibrancy in vegetables, fruit trees and herbs for soaps, salves and remedies to heal. The future me is moving mountains and massaged by stillness. The future me is mothered by the land, with you and the we we’ve made has a heart beat and spirit of wildflowers and eastern white pines. Future me is part of a community that stresses less about paper and prospers with trade, less reliant on google and flourishes with intuition. Future me is a forever project, a creative account, authentic and worthy to trust the path that is free. Future me, is the potency of my past, the power of here and now, to move us to the then and when.