4 potent p words

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These four words create a current in me, an eager charge of excitement and enthusiasm for life’s abundance that I am the leader of in my life.

In yesterday’s workshop, these words were marked on the map of my offerings. With each expanding yoga pose, we intended to open up to peace, power, play and possibility.

Where there isn’t peace, there is chaos. Where there isn’t power, there is weakness.

Where there isn’t play, there is the serious. Where there isn’t possibility there is the hopeless.

Consider your life and these potent p words…

Do you lean into peace or chaos? Power or weakness? Play or the serious? Possibility or the hopeless?


Peace is accessible through long walks in nature, preferably in bare feet complimented by big beautiful deep breaths with eyes and ears  observing the vibrancy of birds chirping, chilling autumn air, and falling leaves.

Power is accessible through setting daily intentions to inject ourselves with love and respect, to project confidence, clarity and colour in our thoughts, talk, desires and behaviours.

Play is accessible through spending more time in the sandbox with our kids, making art out of what we can find laying around the house or yard, wearing a funny t-shirt to attract giggles and smiles from all we encounter.

Possibility is accessible through healthy risk taking, trying something new and completely different. Saying no to something unhealthy and yes to something that is. Writing down our dreams and desires and with every time we think or read them back to ourselves we can visualize it coming to life!

As most of us know from our self-awareness and experience that it is easy to get caught in the seriously weak and hopeless chaos that life can be. Peace, power, play, and possibility are potent approaches to participate in life.

How can you draw out these potent p’s?

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