If we danced

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I’m the rings within an aged tree,

circling around the same, yet always a new way to flee.

My sap sweet as sugar, travels to my extremities

giving life to all the spaces even when falling to my knees.

There’s a place we all find our footing,

before what’s above or below softens like pudding.

Burn handpicked cedar and sage,

and healing you will be paid.

What if we danced in life like fluttering wings,

can you imagine this elevated freedom?

Would there be anything to truly trust outside of your own being?

When the earth became my medicine

I realized I’m too her cure.

May we all remember this, so that our great harmony may return.

I’ve always had a light to shine, integrity reached my core.

Every toke of clarity, peace and honour is what makes my heart reborn

Read this aloud stretched out in the grass,

under the sun and misbehaving clouds.

this being a sacred moment where no money needs to be spent

for you to feel different.


-kl xo


[image found on google, artist unknown]



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