even when we bathe

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free to be’s signature handmade natural soaps are more than just natural soaps among the hype of society ‘going natural.’ They support my faith in nature’s capacity to heal us. They represent my ecofriendly life practice. They encourage me to inspire wellness in our  soul and skin.  They support my creative flare with rustic colours, scents and textures. They connect me to our elders, to the history of survival and old-world craftsmanship. They humbly support my livelihood. They render soft, clear skin and lifted spirits.

Natural oils, butters, dried botanicals, salts, clays and essential oils all promote healing and protection of our skin tissues. Furthermore, essential oils are used in aromatherapy, facilitating repair to both the physical and emotional facets of our being.

The way we refine our own habits and potentials simultaneously upgrades our community. Similar to the ripple effect of a stone hitting calm water, or the random act of kindness organically encouraging the receiver to do the same for another. This progression in our lives is radically realigning us to a new approach to life where we are no longer drawn to the magnetic pull of over-thinking and over-imagining our lives as they should be, but more simply, exuberantly participating in life as it is, just as our children do!

When you use free to be natural face and body soaps, know that you are therapeutically treating your skin, your spirit and your community. Each message with your chosen bar invites you to refine a habit or a potential. The lucid caress of free to be soaps is loving kindness, to soften into the bright and brighter radiance that is accessible to us all. It is my hope that you are encouraged to caress you and your community with the kind thought, kind word, kind action that free to be cultivates.

Like returning to the same shower each morning or each night, all our moods and identities run down the drain rinsing us of their residues. Stepping out of the shower, purified and prepared to return to what is familiar yet with softened edges to give and receive love. Even when we bathe, we are cleaning a corner of our community.


French Sage Green Clay 4.7oz

free to be original recipe scented with sage pure essential oil and added French green clay. Sage pure essential oil, a woodsy-spiced scent adds a purifying sensation. Sage, comes from the Latin word, salvare which translates to ‘heal’ or ‘save.’  Dried sage is used for Smudging, a traditional Aboriginal ceremony, intended to cleanse and repel negative energy. French green clay is made up of iron oxides and decompressed plant matter to literally drink oils, toxins and impurities out of your skin. French green clay stimulates fresh blood to damaged skin cells, to liven up the skin, tone, and tighten pores.  May you purify your skin and your senses, restore your vitality and get your glow on!


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