A tiny particle, high in our atmosphere, floating for significance

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Dust or pollen particles freely float our atmosphere to eventually collide with water vapor. Evaporation from oceans, lakes, rivers and streams puts water vapor back into the air, even plants participate in contributing to water vapor, and so do we with each long, slow, complete exhale. When temperatures are just cold enough, the water vapor freezes around the particle creating an ice crystal and the opportunity for a snowflake to grow.

The newly formed ice crystal up, up and away in our atmosphere is now heavier than the air surrounding it so it falls and now depends on cold temperatures to keep growing. While this glass like ice crystal falls, water vapor condenses onto its surface creating a long lived and lasting impression – snowflakes!

When each snowflake drifts to the ground, they merge into each other, integrated as one we call, snow. The first snowfall each year, we behold the beauty of the white fleece like blanket that caresses the earth with comfort and insulation. We are in awe of the sheer purity snow brings to our gardens of dormant or dying plants. Once the warm sun returns however immediate or a tiring wait, snow melts, and each snowflake reclaims their journey back up into the atmosphere through evaporation, or absorbs into the earth nourishing roots of many below.

Snow is particle, snow is water, snow is ice, snow is evaporated, snow is absorbed. Snow in essence is the integration of these steps on its path. This path influencing a renewable, sustainable lifetime; a metaphor for you and I.

Meteorologists explore precipitation levels, temperatures, and accumulation. Physicists explore how molecules condense to create crystals and their unique symmetrical growing designs. Mystics, like me, see the cosmic conversation that snow invites us to have with ourselves, revealing a new unique capacity of awareness. Since our front lawns and forests are still green this year for most of us, I encourage you to create your own internal snowfall by asking…

If I contribute to the amount of water vapor in our atmosphere, will I deepen my exhales?

If my life was reduced into individual particles, which would I keep to grow?

If I am capable of growing while falling, will I embrace the underlying chill of not knowing what’s below, trusting there will be a soft landing? Am I light and transparent as a snowflake?

If I understand that I am a part of you and you are a part of me, will I create more unity in my interactions, in my power to illuminate compassion?

If the sky is limitless, am I unattached enough from my life to daydream and wander into wonder of what’s possible?

If I’ve had less visits with the sun this winter, can I create my own warmth to surrender and melt into the growth of my life beginning again from my roots?


Can you see the symmetrical snowflake in my hair? <3


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