a traffic jam when you are already late.

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Anxiety, an essential emotion to keep us alert however too much leads us to irrational fears, avoidance, distorted thoughts and tension in the body.  I used to know this emotion well, you could have called us really close, like a relationship that isn’t healthy, but you can’t seem to get enough of it. Our brain releases chemicals when stimulated with an anxiety-provoking situation.  These chemicals show up in our warning signs. These signs could be heart racing, sweaty palms, accelerated breathing, thoughts of all kinds or none at all.  

Experiences such as becoming an entrepreneur, expressing your concerns to your partner or best friend, moving to a new community, waiting for the call from your doctor, or the transition from adolescence to adulthood can all trigger anxiety and fear. It’s what we do with these emotions that will determine the smooth or bumpy journey.

When we spend enough time with anxiety, it becomes an itch you can’t scratch, a subtle or intense apprehension to everything you do and say, a traffic jam that keeps you stuck rendering you late for a loving living life!

The common phrase, ‘use it or lose it’ applies here. If you use anxiety and fear, you’ll strengthen it, giving it more itch, more power, more traffic. If you lose it through taking action, anxiety and fear weakens, you scratch less, you risk more, and life is free flowing.

Explore your thought pattern. Do you consider the ‘what ifs’ along with the ‘what will others think of me’ or do you jump to the worst possible scenario without considering all the rest? Do you already assume it’s going to go badly? Do you make decisions to avoid fear and anxiety? Do you trudge up every other experience from your past that created fear, amplifying the present fear, only creating more? What comes to mind when you read: Anxiety is false expectation(s) appearing real.

Take action by noticing your thoughts. If your thoughts sound like the ones described above, then likely it’s time to retrain your brain. With every limiting, pessimistic thought replace it was an optimistic thought. Do it even when you don’t want to and you’ll see with repetition and rehearsal, positive thinking will become more natural, with less room for anxiety and fear!

Thoughts that are allies to anxiety and fear need to be stopped so colour them red, like the common traffic stop sign! Thoughts that are allies to your health and vibrancy need to be energized so colour them green, like the common traffic light.

Go ahead, find the way to a healthier haven in your head and explore all the places you can go!


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