About Me

2012-09-30 12.03.00

As a sensitive, quiet child my mind was loud with anxious thoughts and my heart was often panicked with anticipations. With collapsed shoulders and my eyes gazing to the ground, I was often a dweller of the past or a pessimistic  predictor of the future. I survived my childhood and adolescence with brave older sisters, heart open parents, my bedroom sanctuary and solid friendships made of brothers, creeks and trees.

After highschool I went to college and earned a Social Service Worker Diploma. Empowered to work with children and youth, my practicum landed me in the strong arms of Nelson Youth Centres, a non profit organization in Burlington, ON leading transformational youth based programming. After my student placement I was hired as the Educational Assistant, soon after becoming a Child and Family Counsellor running therapeutic after school programs in Burlington, Oakville, Acton and Georgetown. Unfolding in my role, I began co-facilitating supportive parent groups and soon after I became the lead facilitator of the Half Day Intensive Program for youth at risk of losing their school placement.  In all of these endeavors, the influence of emotionally charged youth became a conduit for my own healing, the vulnerable ownership of my lived experiences of anxiety, frustration, low self worth and dis-ease in being me. Stepping into my power to compassionately coach, guide and celebrate the who and the how of being ourselves in the fullest expression of creative love and resiliency was not only for the youth of my community but for me too.

Fast forward after 8 years with Nelson Youth Centres, 2 adventurous years lived in British Columbia and now almost 5 years living in Peterborough, Ontario, I am a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor with a trauma-informed teaching practice. I am empowered by the healing and transforming of my own lived experience and wish to share the yogic arts that might empower the same for our community. I am a Soap Maker, lathered in the love of plant intelligence, hand stirred rustic bars to polish the skin we live in. I am an advocate for emotional health, inspired by the cyclical themes in natures seasons, elements, and expressions of sun and moon. May we stand tall in who we are and how we are who we are, naturally clean and free to be with the mystery of creation.