Natural Face & Body Soap


Homebrewed luxurious soaps made with quality organic and natural oils, butters and botanicals using the hot process method.

Lightly scented with pure essential oils to sooth, inspire and invigorate your cells and senses.

Soaps are lovingly made in small batches, honouring old-world craftsmanship and sustaining quality and freshness.

An intelligent recipe developed over the last decade giving you and your skin a peacefully thoughtful experience during one of life’s ordinary moments.


Organic Coconut Oil:  Rich in anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. Coconut oil has a fluffy lather, bubbles up and washes away leaving the skin smooth. Contributes to a hard, longer lasting bar.

Organic Soya Bean Oil: Natural source of Vitamin E, creamy, stable lather, conditions the skin, evens skin tones and smooths skin texture.

Rice Bran Oil: Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants assist in maintaining the suppleness of aging skin, penetrates without being greasy, protects skins elastin and is used as a gentle sun protector.

Organic Cocoa Butter:  A conditioning butter locks in moisture, a remedy for scars, stretch marks and wounds. Cocoa Butter is hydrating and easily absorbed, helps create a hard, longer lasting bar.

Lye (Distilled Water and Sodium Hydroxide): Lye is an essential component in soap making. The base (lye) mixes with the acid (oil or fat) to form a neutral (the soap). Glycerin is formed during the oil and lye reaction, leaving no sodium hydroxide in the finished batch of soap. Lye-heavy bars can be a skin irritant. Real soap can’t be made without lye.

Avocado Oil: Penetrates into the deep skin tissue, a vitamin rich oil used to remedy sensitive, sensitive prone skin.  This oil is said to have healing and regeneration properties for mature, undernourished skin.

Hemp Seed Oil: Made up of 80% fatty acids, Hemp Seed Oil replenishes and lubricates the skin deeply, preventing moisture loss. This plant holds high amounts of essential fatty acids, energizing the protective layer of the skin, regulating skin oils, moisturizing, soothing and smoothing.

Organic Castor Seed Oil: Adds to the luxurious bubbly lather, moisturizes, soothes inflammation and encourages healthy skin tissues.


1 bar – $6

3 Pack Surprise (3 bars of what’s currently made fresh) – $14
3 Pack (3 different bars, your choice) – $16

Half Loaf (4 bars, your choice of 1 variety) – $18
Full Loaf (8 bars, your choice of 2 varieties) – $35


P: 705 872 7115


Vanilla + Lime
Organic Vanilla extract, a powerful antioxidant prevents damage to the skin cells caused by toxins. A tranquil pure scent, a mild sedative promoting relaxation. A pleasant smell for most, elevate your mood and perhaps your sweet tooth. Compliments of Benzoin, an essential oil resembling vanilla to treat inflamed or irritated skin while warming and toning the energy of the heart. Lime, a mood booster and anxiety soother, uplifting and centering.

Patchouli Peace
Patchouli, an earthy, touching oil that is grounding and calming to the skin and spirit. Patchouli is known to reduce redness, tend to acne or irritation, regenerating youthfulness. Patchouli has a sensual power to invite loving connections, uniting body and mind. Powdered patchouli leaf, a gentle exfoliate for rough or flaky skin. Rhassoul clay is understood to reduce dryness and flakiness while improving texture, elasticity and clarity.

Lavender Lift
Lavender revered for it’s calming qualities polishes the skin with luster, lifting one’s skin and spirit out of stress, treating inflammation and wounds with reduced scarring, balancing and clarifying.  Simply nourishing.

Lime + Lavender*
Lime to restore and refresh the skins complexion and circulation. Brightening and wakeful for the mood.  Lavender, softening and quieting, cleansing and clearing. A balanced bar that is cooling and elevating.

Calming Coniferous + Calendula
A woody aroma, cedarwood is a nectar for reducing nervous tension. This tree oil also stimulating clear skin, cleansing bacteria causing acne while balancing the oily nature of skin types. Juniper Berry celebrating for detoxifying qualities, Fir Needle and Balsam Fir Oils for refreshment and clarify of mind and breath.

Tender Tea Tree + Hemp
Clary Sage essential oil, a sweet scent to calm to our nervous system, easing anxiety, stress and insomnia. Tea Tree essential oil, a spicy scent and immune stimulant helps fight infection of all sorts and particularly known for clearing acne inflamed skin. An extra helping of Hemp oil known to soapers as a superfat offering Vitamin E generously. A superfood holding anti inflammatory properties. Known to moisturize and protect, loaded with essential fatty acids. May you generate the bliss of be-ing yourself, may your truth shine freely. Also in this bar: hemp seeds

Midnight Lemongrass*
The lemony sweet scent of lemongrass to revive your confidence and set your stress free. Lemongrass also tones and is known to clear acne and oily skin. Australian black clay and organic seaweed smooths and softens a youthful tone, enriching skin with minerals, proteins, vitamins E and B12. As if late night moon gazing may you be in awe of your life’s journey; see to the courage to surrender in the trust of life.

Coconut Milk + Honey
free to be original recipe with added organic coconut milk and local Peterborough raw honey. Keep your skin clean and clear with the hydration of coconut milk. Allow honey to do it’s sweet diligence by helping your skin absorb and maintain hydration while preventing bacteria. May you be at ease with the sensation of relaxed, soothed and protected skin and spirit.

Peppermint Pleasure
Activate mental liveliness and concentration while cooling inflamed itchy skin. Relieve red, irritated skin and replenish your energy with Peppermint Pleasure. Also in this bar, Australian pink clay to sooth and cleanse skin that is, sensitive, strained and stressed. May you be boldly grounded in all that moves you in balance between effort and rest.

French Sage Green Clay
free to be original recipe scented with sage pure essential oil and added French green clay. Sage pure essential oil, a woodsy-spiced scent adds a purifying sensation. Sage, comes from the Latin word, salvare which translates to ‘heal’ or ‘save.’ French green clay is made up of iron oxides and decompressed plant matter to literally drink oils, toxins and impurities out of the skin. French green clay stimulates fresh blood to damaged skin cells, to liven up the skin, tone, and tighten pores. May you purify your skin and restore your senses, potent with positive power to be perfectly imperfect.

Gifted Geranium
Geranium gives gifts of: balanced skin oils, increased blood flow, treatment for acne/congested, mature skin. Geranium nurtures the yin/yang balance, relaxing and stimulating. The floral rich scent is uplifting, soothing anxiety and treating mild depression. Also in this bar, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang essential oils to support a floral aroma that is skin soothing while adoring balance with a sweet lift into peace.  Australian pink clay to calm and cleanse skin that is strained, sensitive and stressed, refining delicate lines and improving skin texture. May you deepen in the present moment, freely to offer gifts of love and joy to yourself and others.

Orange Oasis
Lather your senses with laughter and joy, while toning, moisturizing and clarifying your complexion.  Stimulate a healthy helpful mind while your skin smiles with Sweet Orange Oasis. Also in this bar, paprika, helping to absorb free radicals that break down collagen in the skin, loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants for supple, rosy, plump skin. May you revisit the space where thoughts are helpful and optimistic, illuminate your inner environment with the lightness of laughter.

Lemon + Chamomile
Lift dark moods and renew your zest for a focused, loving life with Lemon Chamomile. Lemon deploys antiseptic properties, cleansing acne prone skin. A natural toner, smooth and sooth your pores, for clean, bright, natural skin. Ease nervous tension and inflammation with a mild dash of verbena essential oil.  Chamomile flowers powdered, roman chamomile essential oil and yellow clay reveals a feeling of comfort, softness and gentle rest for strained skin. May you reclaim rest and be guided by the clear path of possibility and positivity.

Eucalyptus + Green Tea
Breathe easy, and stay composed with Eucalyptus Green Tea. Compliments of rosemary, lemon and spearmint to revitalize the spirit while clearing congested skin. Dried organic green tea leaves contains antioxidant properties, known to reduce inflammation, prevent bacterial infection, wrinkles and lines. May you breathe with length, quality and depth, breathing in I am aware, breathing out I am at ease.

Ginger + Oats
Oatmeal is nourishing for itchy, dry and oily skin, removing dead skin cells, moisturizing, and absorbing excess oil. Calm inflamed skin with the comforts of a healthy dose of protein found in oatmeal to protect the skins natural barriers. Ginger is well suited to treat colds and flu, while offering a warming quality to sooth the blue moods and enhance circulation. This warm embrace is comforting to those with muscle aches and arthritis. It’s spicy and sweet aroma can be energizing and create an aphrodisiac effect. May you spice up the time you spend with yourself; can you truly love the company you keep?


Giddy Goats Milk

A deeply nourishing and restorative soap, the decadent lather of fresh goats milk with the luxurious silk of the original ‘free to be’ recipe. Invite the warming aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove bud and benzoin essential oils, a tonic to tend to a fatigued mind and body. May you bask in the delightful bounty of the present moment, awake to the sweet & simple pleasures.

Goat’s Milk is fresh from a local friend in Douro Dummer!

 For infants, toddlers and children consider choosing Goats Milk Soap without essential oils

Single Bar $7

3 Bars $16

8 Bars $35

This bar is not always available, please inquire first.



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