April Love

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I am so happy to be participating in this challenge!

It’s giving me direction and inspiration to keep writing in a way that supports the vulnerability I enjoy steeping in.

Get to know the creative host for #AprilLove2016 here: Susannah Conway.

 Follow her on Instagram: @susannahconway

Perhaps you’d like to join in to and see where the spirit of your pencil travels…¬†

Feel free to check back in with this blog for my daily love letters.

Here’s Day 1:

Dear Love,
Your wounds have healed me like the word peace carved on a tree. You’ve raced me with a heart beats rhythm that I can’t catch. You’ve held me cold like the dormancy of winter and yet you’ve been the flint sparking the bonfire in summers heat. You’ve been loud and you’ve been quiet. A craving for sound when silence can only serve the stirring of soup that is my spirit. Your intimacy feeds my hands and feet, for each reach is tender and each step is mighty. My mouth meets you with each word, a kiss like a pulse inviting sensation to every syllable. And in my bravery the world meets me forever with meaning so mighty tender like a hug that holds magic in remembering you.



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