be the sun. be the moon.

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Ha (sun) = tha (moon) = Hatha

Yoga = union

One way to express the definition of yoga:  the union of sun and moon.

We are all made up of masculine and feminine quality.

The masculine is sun that is active which creates heat, strength and determination

 The feminine is moon that is passive which creates coolness, surrender and grace

When we seek the union of both masculine and feminine our soul is poised to appreciate every experience.


What qualities are dominant for you? Are you active and passionate? Are you chill and laid back?

When we recognize our tendency to be active or passive for instance do we then know which to cultivate more of in our life to create balance.

In yoga, masculine energy is muscular, energetic and giving; the strength is in engaging the leg muscles through bending the knees and lifting the toes, firmly standing in Mountain Pose. Feminine energy is organic and requires muscular energy first. Organic energy is more intrinsic then literal, radiating energy from the feet as if spreading roots and lengthening up as if the head is being drawn up to the sky.

‘Organic energy moves from the firmness and stability of muscular energy to bring extension and expansion, that has the feeling of lightness and freedom joined with strength,’ Dan Clement, Open Source Yoga, BC  

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This insight into yoga then becomes unique and profound when compared to other approaches to wellness. We can activate muscular energy to stand in the power of ourselves to expand outwards, as if exploring what is beyond us; a magical reach beyond our skin.  I ask myself are we then exposed to trust in what is unknown before us in our lives? If so, then to grow is to first be secure and passionate in who we are to then stretch out into the world and reach for the magic in all areas of our lives.  We can embrace our experiences and have faith that the unknown is beautiful and transforming.


Katie Legere is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher teaching in Peterborough, ON

Information sources:

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