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The days of hippies and the flower power culture raised eyebrows and movement in the evolution not only of our human relationships but too our relationship with the earth.  ‘Make love, not war’ was the mantra of this time and to contemplate we begin to see this protest can and has been translated into a rising concern; the vitality of our planet earth.  We can celebrate the stoned, bell bottom wearing peace worshipers for their attempt to put a halt on war. This history has granted permission for us to make a chorus of many voices, so that one message can be drawn out:

human behaviour needs to change in order to recreate and sustain a healthy, clean, diverse environment.


April 22nd proposes that we honour the earth and the concept of peace, that we generate action in our consciousness to make decisions in our lives that keep the landfills smaller, our bodies of water cleaner, our air more nourishing, and our harvested crops and soil less damaged.

The City of Peterborough has become one of Canada’s first communities to become a Transition Town. If this is unfamiliar to you I suggest that you visit the links at the end of this post. The Transition Town motivation is to create initiatives to rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 emissions. Ultimately the transition town model is to provoke a shift in human consciousness so that we can begin to experience and participate in our community supporting itself as opposed to dependence on the larger governed, elite systems. free to be is newly allied with this grassroots not for profit, volunteer organization named Transition Town Peterborough (TTP). I am a proud supporter of TTP, the launch pad for economic localization.

Please visit & to learn more.

This spring and late summer free to be will be a participant in two events coordinated by Transition Town Peterborough.


Come show your support for this movement by joining me at Dandelion Day & The Purple Onion Festival!

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