Dear Younger Self

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Dear Younger Self,

Your turtle shell so colourful, and so comfortably uncomfortable you were to stay within. Despite your nature is to take things slow, you were always in a hurry. Yet, stuck on the rocky edges of the shoreline, emotions dark and deep. You stayed close to the earth and she caught you when you fell. Sweetly sheltered by sisters and a childhood of neighbourhood play. You savored your time with forest air and bird song stumbling home long after dark when curfew was sunset.  Journal entries and sketching saved you many times, now imprinted on your back, budding brilliance revealing itself. Your home was always with you, untidy and layers of dust, blaring thoughts and indisputable hurt. What seemed like years later, did you find life’s path pleasing. Emerging relationships that completed your circle, quests of self discovery and a curious venture to the ocean. Treasures within and treasures without, you illuminate both worlds and as you’ve traveled, you’ve seen, smelled, tasted, touched, and heard love. Your turtle ways have become my totem, and I love you.



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