dining in the dark

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We’ve sang the ‘brush your teeth’ song as our parent guides the toothbrush into our mouths. We now brush our teeth with no thought on how to do so.

The bunny ears played by the tree enough times to jump into the hole coming out beautiful and bold. We know how to tie our laces without a pause to remember.

My dad held onto my handle bars enough times until I braved the path ahead. I rode until someday soon after I could take my own hands off the handlebars shouting and imitating the YMCA song. If you are from the 90’s then yes you can imagine I was wearing lime green and black spandex gear or my Northern Getaway getup!

Even when we can’t see, such as visiting O’Noir, a restaurant in Toronto where you dine in darkness, we know the journey from picking up food to place it in our mouths very well.

Earth has inner reflexes that perform through the cycles of nature, keeping the earth alive through moving in and out of phases. We have inner reflexes of our own to keep us alive. Our breath and heart pump, moving us in and out of experiences.  Even when we are afraid, air enters to fill us up with nutrient and releases to discard toxin. Even when we catch the flu, our heart continues to pump oxygen-rich blood to every cell in the body. Even when in the happiest years of our life, positive experiences seem effortless.

There are times in life where we do need to be taught goodness in order to rehearse it for our own benefit. There are times in life where we do not need to be taught, rather there is an inner reflex at work that only requires our faith and surrender to it knowing and showing us more than our minds can perceive.


Believing in life is like dining in the darkness. Just as the hand finds its way to the mouth. The heart finds its way to experience.

heart and brain


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