earth day can be everyday

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‘A society is defined not only by what it creates, but what it refuses to destroy.’ John Sawhill


Earth Day, a day to rise and shine for the caring of our planet. We may reduce, reuse, recycle. Maybe you pick up garbage, turn off the lights, buy local with cloth bags. Why not choose to walk, bike, or fix leaky taps. Why not buy a plastic-free water bottle, and plant your own veggie garden. Whichever we choose to do, we can pat ourselves on the back releasing happy brain chemistry that we’ve given back. My hope is that these acts of earth kindness make everyday Earth Day.

For those with a yoga practice, consider how your daily practice gives you connection to the earth. Feet planted long and strong, arms sky high reaching for the clouds. Do you recognize the Sun Salutations as a tradition to honour the sun, the life-force that our planet needs to sustain life?

Contemplate that the air that fills you and empties you is returned back and exchanged with other humans, plants and animals. Are you breathing knowing this? If not, how may this change how you breathe today?

Our beating heart, a energy center that becomes softer, more surrendering, more compassionate with a skillful yoga practice. How does this transform your mood and attitude, the manner in which you treat others, and the way that which you are in touch with the earth?

What if Earth Day is not just on April 22nd, but instead it’s within us. In every conscious moment to be in relationship with the earth do we become profoundly care full in how we hold the earth, more often remembering that also the earth holds us.


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