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 It was this past holiday weekend spent deep in the wilderness north of Parry Sound, Ontario was I gifted a shimmering experience floating in the lake. It was like coming back to a childlike place of grace in me where the world seemed simpler, lighter, and somehow held tighter.

I couldn’t explain it then, among me a group of incredible men…brothers from other mothers. It’s not as though they wouldn’t understand my understated amazement of divine beauty in floating; more that I didn’t have the words, which in most meaningful situations among a social crowd I never really do. I act like an extraordinarily slow digestive system…breaking down and assimilating every piece of nutrient…never able to articulate my experience until it’s been completely absorbed. So in my attempt to express it now, I was incredibly captivated floating, like a stroke of magic, mysteriously made me frivolously peaceful, almost in a trance of complete ease in being.

Being held in the buoyancy of water reminded me of childhood beach days with my family and flirty encounters with my someday future husband as young campers out in the lake at sunset. These cutesy associations connected me to a ‘life is a fairy-tale sensation’ like our imagination as kids when reading enchanting heroic stories.

As our weekend was hot and overly populated with mosquitoes and black flies, swimming was an exhilarating retreat from applying bug spray, itching, and swatting away our pesty friends. In every interaction with the water floating was what seemed to be a natural response. It became a  meditation to effortlessly surrender on my back, arms and legs open as if to bear hug the sky. My gaze oh so soft with a gentle smile, breath long, slow and complete. With ears below the water did I share in the soothing sound of mother nature’s echo beneath me, holding me, massaging me.

I’d like to suggest that floating perpetuates a liberated feeling. An almost elusive experience to be completely at ease in the here where no matter what is troubled or kind in our lives, we are okay, we are happy , we are resilient to all of what we experience. To occupy this kind of feeling frees us from being anchored down by the daily drama of due dates, expectations, disappointments, fear, chronic pain and self-neglect. Sure, the delight of Canadian wilderness was supreme in crafting the environment for me to have such a thrilling experience however, given that most of you who are reading this are in Ontario, I’d say it’s fair to assume that you’ll find yourself on a beach or in a pool this summer.

Get your float on and slip into the profound pleasure of relaxation.


Cici Lake, near Parry Sound, Ontario

Additional reading on flotation as a therapeutic health alternative:




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