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A glorious oil pressed from the seeds of a transcendent plant, nourishing to dry, scaly skin, and the only plant that carries Vitamin D, known for promoting a happy brain chemical, bone and immune health. Step away from the stigma of this plant, scientifically named, Cannabis Sativa and understand that hemp seed oil does not possess the psychoactive THC compound (and even if it did, would it be so bad?!). 


Hair, skin, and nail qualities are enhanced, preventing further or new damage to occur.  80% rich with essential fatty acids (EFAs) 3 & 6. EFAs our body can access only by ingesting. This plant with the highest amount of EFAs, contribute anti-inflammatory properties, repair of damaged skin cells, healthy moisture, elasticity, and lubrication without clogging pores.

Essential fatty acids have a fundamental role in the health of our skin. They can be described as the glue that keeps us together, supporting the growth and maintenance of our cells.  Skin cells are altered and replaced at a rapid rate and therefore need a constant supply of essential fatty acids to maintain them. When a person becomes deficient in the essential fatty acids symptoms present as dry, scaly skin followed by weak nails and hair.

Do you experience sensitive skin? acne? psoriasis? eczema? rosacea?

free to be soaps are superfatted with unrefined hemp seed oil. After the cook process is finished, and before the cured soap is poured into the mold, unrefined hemp seed oil and avocado oil are added to offer their supreme qualities of deep nourishment for parched skin and purging of dead skill cells.

 Apart from essential fatty acids being fundamental for skin cells, EFAs in hemp seed oil influence a number of bodily functions too such as lower blood pressure, decrease blood clotting and cholesterol, lower triglyceride (unfriendly fat) levels. EFAs enhance our immune system and moods,prevent cancer, an ally to healthy brain function, relief of pain, inflammation and stiffness.


So while you’ll  enjoy the sublime sensations of free to be soap, I encourage you to add hemp seed oil into your meals by adding it to your smoothie, stir-fry, or salad!


Information collected from herbalist Dr. Douglas Schar


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  1. Suffering from eczema and acne I have tried countless products and spent endless money on trying to find something gentle and effective for my sensitive skin. I am very cautious about what I put into my body and I pay the same respect to my skin, seeings how it’s our largest organ! The first time Katie gave me a sample of her soap I was hooked. Not only was it soothing for my skin but after a while my skin started to clear up and I felt like I had a more healthy and radiant glow. You see, not reacting to a soap is a big deal in my books! I love how the ingredients are all natural and how they produces such a nice, creamy lather. I also love how she is consistently playing around with different ingredients and scents giving a variety of options. I always look forward to what she’s cooking up next!

    After a long week of driving and sitting in Toronto traffic going to Katie’s restorative class on a Friday evening was the perfect way to wind down and release emotional and physical stress. Her approach is very calming and soothing and I quite literally felt restored after one session. I go to yoga quite regularly but mainly attend the higher intensity classes. It’s easy to forgot how important it is to not only decompress the body through longer poses but also the mind. Her spiritual guided words really put you in a tranquil state and leaves your mind and heart as ease. I especially love the prolonged savasana! Thank you Katie! <3.

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