Homemade love notes

Posted on February 8th, by Katie Legere in Uncategorized. 2 comments

The sensation of innocence, spontaneity, aliveness and the capacity to believe in the unseen. A love that does not question others, and may not naturally realize its abundance, a love like how our children love.

Air, connected to all things, our potential unlocked as oxygen kisses each cell awake. Deep breaths like homemade love notes reuniting body, mind and spirit.

The space of our heart nourished by the breath, as if to imagine gills on each side lifting our hearts as we inhale, and grounding our hearts as we exhale.

Air has the nature of freedom, a gaseous membrane that breathes the universe. Atoms dancing to animate life in the east, west, south and north.

Air, a dialogue beyond words, cosmic intuition. A voice sourced within us as curiosity listens to seek harmony in all our relationships.

Like air is within and around us, so is love. 20160208_110110

2 thoughts on “Homemade love notes

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