I have a puzzle on my back.

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  An adolescent with a desire to express myself through ink on my skin would be a good place to start. Maybe because I didn’t know my voice as well as I do now, however there is certainly no turning back once you climb in that chair, the needle penetrates, the noise somewhat traumatic compared to the art that serves its purpose in your life.

Whether I knew my voice or not, I knew there was an evolving expression within me looking to be spoken and understood.  As a young girl, I was shy, extremely shy. To be seen as a turtle in her shell, popping her head out only for a select few. This shyness dissolved, but my shell still strong, and I like settling into its darkness because my own light whether some days it’s dim or bright, is the light that keeps me popping my head out.

‘tattoos have a power and a magic all their own. they decorate the body but they also enhance the soul. – michelle delio

Each tattoo of mine has a insightful story, and mostly all have been designed by me. I don’t acquire tattoos to attract an image of myself, more simply I see myself as a canvas, marking my experiences of tenderness and love in colour.

I like to experience the touch of different artists, the hand that has led the ink on my skin, is a metaphor for the trust that I have in which we are all one. Now I can map my body to all the short stories that I have written in all the places I have lived.

It seems the season of Spring is when I am most drawn to adding to my puzzle of tattoos. I live in synergy to our seasons,  and so it is with new growth in spring that perhaps my skin is the nourished soil, and the ink that secretes into my skin cells are the perennials that bloom.

As I write this post, I am increasingly excited for tomorrow, May 8th. Another day that marks new ink, a piece to add to the puzzle. Two hummingbirds first seen by my eyes as Canadian Geese in 2009. Mark Anthony, the artist with whom is Ojibway from Northern Ontario has an incredible eye and soul for colourful artwork that is abundant with traditional and spiritual imagery.  

The image of these two birds purchased as a fridge magnet struck me when visiting Granville Island, BC. To me, it was also no coincidence that the attached inspiring message was incredibly timely with our journey to the West, not to mention the artist being from Ontario warmed me.

Shortly after purchasing this magnet and seeing it on my fridge daily with it’s corresponding message memorized, my business name was discovered and a life long mantra brought me clarity, light and direction to my lost soul.

I am free to be with the mystery of creation.


If you wish to see more of Mark Anthony Jacobson’s artwork, copy and paste this site into your browser: markanthonyjacobson.blogspot.ca


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