Love from the darkness

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Mushroom colonies burrow through soil and rotting wood. Some hook into the roots of forest trees and with the uprising of millions of cells, a stem lengthens pushing the earth aside, unfolding a skinless cap.

Mushrooms, a fruit from the fungi called mycelium emerges unannounced, not requiring photosynthesis to grow rather invited by moisture and rain.

‘Mycelium is threadlike fungi that bundles up to form the structure of a mushroom. First the mycelium needs to influence a territory and only then does it pull nutritional resources together to begin the construction of a mushroom. While plants get their energy directly from the sun and atmosphere, fungi gets theirs by digesting living or dead organic matter, absorbing nutrients through their cell walls. Fungi build soil by breaking down organic matter, and even cracking apart rocks. Besides that, fungal mycelium enter into symbiotic relationships with trees and other plants, helping them get water and nutrients from the wider environment by surrounding and even penetrating the roots.’

Microscopic spores attached to the gills on the underside of the mushroom cap keep colonies vital. Much like a plant that seeds, spores are swept away by wind, freely wandering with no destination until they find their place in the world.

This forest feasting fungi fruiting body repurposes minerals and nutrients for soil and vegetation in need. In return plants offer sugar they’ve produced during photosynthesis to energize the mycelium… A symbol of partnership, power, kindness and freedom. All of which emerging in the darkness. Love finds its way. ♡


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