mountains move from the core

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Tadasana (Sanskrit): Mountain Pose

The journey to Tadasana begins with you standing:

Standing feet parallel to one another, hip bone distance apart

Weight is distributed across both feet evenly

The legs emerge tall, lifted toes placed back down or kneecaps up to generate leg muscles.

Softly spread the knees away from eachother.

Stick your bum out.

Draw in belly button to spine, lower belly lifts all the way up to armpits

Shoulder blades plug onto the back, as if the collar bone smiles.

Tip head up slightly, create a triangle with the top of the head, ears and shoulders.

Arms long at your sides, palms open

Welcome to Tadasana!

(For beginners, yes, awkward, yet this is the foundation pose of all poses and ideal posture)

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Geology indicates that mountains move with the energy deep below the earth. However to the human eye, mountains are still, strong, and harness all kinds power to withstand the shenanigans of weather, erosion, rock climbers, unthoughtful campers, animals, forests and waterways.

When we stand in Tadasana are we still, are we strong, do we harness all kinds of power to withstand our impatience in the doctors waiting room, the overdue bill payments, the weight we’re still carrying from holiday goodies, and the distorted lifestyle of stress now happiness later?

Mountains appear impenetrably confident yet they hold and care for fragile and diverse eco systems. Mountains carry deep secrets as witnesses to the passing time.  When we stand in tadasana are we impenetrably confident to hold our own, our fragile and diverse emotional system,  while too carrying secrets deep generated from our past?

To practice Tadasana is to begin with the intention to give and receive. Our life-force, our breath, is what brings Tadasana to life. The breath can be passive, graceful and soft while we integrate our muscular strength and integrity to maintain a healthy alignment.

It is the very center of the earth, the core, that powers the shift in the earths crust.  There is energy stored under the earth surface, and when the time is right, the core provokes the release of this stored energy. Mountains move above the surface as a result of the powerful core.  The movement may be subtle or incredibly obvious but the point is mountains rise and fall simultaneously. There may be an avalanche, a waterway turned deeper and larger, new trees could give off to seed, more birds may come to sing their songs.

Does this mean that when we stand in Tadasana, we too occupy a force within us that can create profound shifts deep within us?


When we bring on our day with the energy of a mountain, do we begin to be the wildflowers that we are. Spreading ourselves out to receive our day openly, while giving out beauty through our colourful speech, thoughts and actions. Just as mountains shift to release blocked energy, when we are lively and mindful in Tadasana, we too release blocked energy to create space and vitality to house more respect, love and vibrancy.

Allow yourself to participate with life just as a mountain participates in its. When we harness our minds to our breath, body, and movement yoga is taking place. Yoga can be a spectacular force, an internal heat from the very center of you with the potential to surge, billow and send out swirls of love, peace and resiliency.

Here’s my mountain wish for you

May we be delicately strong and expansive without moving. May we be tenaciously flexible and move without preparation.


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