Dear Hunger

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Dear Hunger,

You were a youthful stomach full of self doubt, like a frozen meal with no nutrition. You used to be a stomach full of fear, like the unknown misery of vibrant life chewed to pieces. You were a stomach full of agitation, like digestive fire without acid. Expressed deficiency of gratitude, a shortage of  self love, an appetite for distress. I starved you, parched and weak until a heated hunger not for heaviness, but a calm craving for something light.  Fed by plants, sunsets, forests, creek beds, and crisp morning air. Simplicity. Nourishment in music, poetry, and relationships, conversations that go under the skin, hugs, cuddles and kisses. Hydrated with meditation and movement. Mindfulness. Filled with presence. Healthy hunger is rarely sustained from cuisine of the past, and much  less nutritious to anticipate future helpings. Hunger for the here and now is the decadent menu that I’ll keep choosing from. -k


butterfly image saved from pinterest- artist unknown

here and now – katie daisy