psychology in the bubbles

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I am lured by my soap. I know it sounds funny to be so enticed by this tool for self care, yet it’s one component of soap in particular that persuades my artful desire to find metaphor, and so I have.

Bubbles, when you first hear this word, I’m sure you think of childhood and those sticky small bright bottles with its magic bubble –making liquid sloshing around with the wand inside that can be tricky to get when wet! What an invention!  There is purpose to loft iridescent, shimmering, fragile orbs into the air reflecting light to appear like mini luminous rainbows. As kids we blew them, followed them with our eyes, chased, poked, and clapped them gone. This purpose is to discover the magic, watch the bubbles dance in the air, to be taken with the wind or disappear in a sudden burst, with room to blow more. What an enchanting and charming purpose!


Bubbles are a fleeting wonder as we grow and mature, yet provoke such a trance when we see the joy, curiosity and smiles as we watch children play and be captivated by them.  

Have you ever had a bubble float by you and not know where it comes from or how long it’s been floating? Imagine the sheer strength and faith if you were that bubble. Your vulnerable skin glowing with opalescent rainbows, floating in the direction that your drawn to, magically living to your fullest potential for the time that you’re here and when it’s time to go you surrender to be absorbed by the air, yet leaving a lasting impression in the lives that you floated with.

If you recognize our temporary stay then this message may encourage you to live it up, stop resisting and go skyhigh with the flow of your dreams. If your tempted to make your own bubble concoction than my post has encouraged the childlike play I have faith in restoring. If you simply smile at this read, then my post has encouraged you to find a glimpse of joy and peace with the idea of small and tender bubbles.


Next time you shower or bath with free to be natural face and body soaps, be lured by this perspective of bubbles to experience the irreplaceable magic of their existence.

Can you step away from your shower and invite the magic of savouring delicate simple moments?


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