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The Dove brand of soap is established through its focus on women and beauty. Based on discoveries of a major global study, The Real Truth About Beauty: Dove launched the Campaign for Real Beauty in 2004. This campaign started a global conversation about the need for reclaiming women’s beauty after the study proved the definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable. A released statistic indicates that only 2% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful.


While it’s fair to say that Dove has had good intentions to employ meaningful conversation and challenge action against widespread beauty stereotypes, they’ve also been a company to brand soaps that are made with harsh ingredients.  Like many other commercial made skincare products, there is a raising risk of various allergies, irritation and organ system toxicity, not to mention often drier skin following use.

In 2010, Doves campaign launched an extraordinary effort to make beauty an internal source of confidence rather than anxiety, this movement launched attention and discussion on self esteem.

Being a woman myself, I can speak of my own poor self-image cocktail mixed with negative self talk, driven to achieve unrealistic results based on medias portrayal. That conversation could be a post on its own. I can’t quite timeline when self-love from the inside out became my launch pad, but I do know the journey there was ugly, awkward, and painful.  I do know that once I got there life became vibrantly stunning, magical, and happened to be filled with bubbles!

In 2014, many stereotypes have been debunked; that curvy and curly is beautiful just the same as tall and straight. Wrinkled skin and grey hair reveals a life’s timeline of experience, just the same as scars, stretch marks and tattoos.  In 2014 and I’d like to say years before, studies have unmasked commercial skincare products as damaging and unhealthy.

It’s easier to understand why eating nutritious foods is important in supporting optimal health, as well as an optimistic; self-loving attitude goes a long way for our self esteem and following of our dreams. Knowing that our skin layers passively absorb topical products to be welcomed by the bloodstream over time reminds us how influential the products we put on our skin are. So while I support the movement of self love from the inside out, I also support the movement of self love from the outside in.


free to be soaps are designed to nourish and reclaim the natural beauty that you already are. Free to be soaps are more than a mix of quality natural ingredients that have skin enhancing potential. Free to be soaps are about creating and maintaining a loving relationship with you and your skin.


Your beauty that radiates outward is certainly more than glowing complexion, but why not consider trading in the products that damage and abuse to restore the relationship you have with your skin. Validate the natural beauty that you are through using natural homemade soaps that aren’t only made in small batches to ensure quality, but blessed with the hands and heart of its maker.


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