respect. nourish. protect.

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Our culture has exploded with studios and diverse approaches to practice yoga.  I have no intention to disrespect the creative applications of yoga in our modern day however I am writing to express the attitude I bring to yoga, so that you, perhaps unfamiliar is in comfort when exploring what yoga is to you.

I’ve come to realize that one does not need to be attached to an ancient culture to practice yoga. One does not need to have one specific teacher to practice yoga. One does not need to attend studio classes to practice yoga. One does not need to fully study or understand the philosophy in which yoga spread its roots. One does not need to rigidly commit to alignment principles, nor does one need to be able to bind or handstand to practice yoga.

All one needs is body, breath, movement and relationship. All one needs is access to their body, its strengths, weaknesses, blockages and openings. All one needs is breath with its expanding and collapsing qualities. All one needs is relationship; the guided movement led by breath. This is yoga; the relaxation into the body, and the participation in the body with breath, movement, and relationship.


I am not a teacher that is above or below you nor am I am a guru that is wiser or more divine.

I am however a woman who softly discovered my relationship with breath, body and movement. This relationship I respect, nurture, and protect. This relationship allows spaciousness in my mind and body, freeing me from the teeter totter of one not in sync with the other. This relationship allows my presence in the moment of now with an understanding that the now is pre paving the then. This relationship with body, breath and movement translates into loving behaviour within my community, my life. A community, my life, I respect, I nurture, I protect.

Our evolution has become a doctrine that has led us away from living with synergy to our natural rhythm. We are born with a natural rhythm of peace, understanding, compassion and resiliency. This rhythm has been fragmented with levels of authority, restrictions, hidden agendas, power and separation.  This for some is not easily understood, and in some ways I too am confused as I am in the process of undoing what has been deeply embedded in me.

I am not teaching things you don’t already know. I am with you, regenerating the relationship you and I already have, you and I have always had, with body, breath, movement and its relationship. When we rediscover this relationship, we are intimate with ourselves enough to awaken to our humanness, something we are not trying to be rid of, but to respect, nourish and protect.


Post inspired by readings from, Heart of Yoga by Mark Whitwell.



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