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‘Essential Oils are highly concentrated botanical extracts which are extracted from various parts of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, woods and spices. They contain the life force of the plant, and have the ability to stimulate our body’s natural healing abilities and strengthen the immune system.’  – True Aromatherapy & Custom Blending Introductory Workshop, Christine Awram.

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There’s nothing quite walking into my living room to be captivated by scents of pine boughs and fresh cedarwood as if I was lying in a sunspot among the pine cones and trees deep in the forest.

There’s nothing quite like walking into my bedroom to be captivated by smells of lavender, chamomile, geranium and jasmine as if I was immersed in an open field of wildflowers admiring the vastness.  

There’s nothing quite like settling into my bathtub to be captivated by aromas of wintergreen, sage and eucalyptus as if I was submerged in a natural hot spring with a misty star filled sky.

Plants are harvested for essential oils immediately while the plant is still alive and powerful. This makes essential oils 85% more powerful than dried herbs. Essential Oils have a tiny molecular structure which allows them to pass through the skin into our muscles, organs, circulatory and lymphatic systems.

When applied topically they stay in the body for 8-10hours to put their deep therapeutic skills into action. When inhaled, messages are sent to our brain which subtly enhance our moods and emotions.

All essential oils are anti-bacterial, while they will contribute to eliminating bacteria; they are also promoting health in the living tissue. Essential Oils have properties to treat not only skin conditions, but can achieve immunity, muscular/joint pain relief, mental energy, mood, hormone and central nervous system balancing.

Quality is important to maximize health benefit.  A product labelled with ‘fragrance oil’ indicates it’s synthetic, and unfortunately some essential oils are diluted. Free to be uses therapeutic quality essential oils to not only validate its natural quality but to also to amplify your experience. To free to be, it’s not just a quick scrub down in the shower, it is a mindful and loving approach to holistic self care.

Ask yourself:

Is it the delicacy of fresh baked vanilla cookies in the kitchen that turns you on? The scent of a cozy casserole spiced with rosemary? Is the earth stained smell on your clothes after a camping trip? The Patchouli and Sandalwood incense at the head shop? A freshly peeled orange, lime or grapefruit?

Sniff around, do some self -digging and how might you fill in the blank: ‘There’s nothing quite like ….’

xo -K



Information collected from attending ‘True Aromatherapy & Custom Blending Intro Workshop’




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