slow down to keep up

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Winter is known with symbolic events such as shedding and decay. Leaves drop from trees and shrubs, to be lavishly fed to the earth. Flower blooms are exhausted and perennials sit dormant in the cold winds, snowfalls and depths of their soiled roots. Animals hibernate and birds fly south.  

In our human life, we are nothing less than the trees that sheds leaves, the flowers grown tired, the perennials that sit dormant,  animals that hibernate and the birds that fly south.

We can characterize these events in our lives as if to give up control, let go of past pains, release self-limiting thoughts.  In this resting season we are gentle with ourselves by conserving physical energy; snuggling up with our fireplace and sipping hot tea. We fall tired when the sun goes down, sluggishly waking to ‘do the human thing’ seemingly long before the sun emerges the next day.  We eat heartier, heavier foods, for our innate comfort and evolved intelligence. Like birds, we may fly south literally, yet some of us travel in our hearts, revealing our warmest wishes of what to cultivate in the next coming season, spring; the season of growth.

We are renewed when we access our deepest resources to participate with the events in each cycle. When we resist the cycles, then do we become an opposing force only damaging our right to live a deserving, distinctive, whole life.  

Just as the tree knows when to drop its leaves, quiet, bleak winter moments with ourselves spark our inner voice to expose and eliminate what no longer serves us. Just as leaves decay and become nourishment for new growth, when we drop what no longer serves us, does it become compost for new growth within us.   

May we invite the slowing down quality in our last weeks of winter, travel within our hearts and allow ourselves to acknowledge what needs to be recycled. Say it out loud with a smile and trust in ourselves that just as nature, the cycles do turn, each giving to each, into all being whole.  


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