suds for the soul

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It’s no surprise that my earth-loving nature has become a job I don’t need a vacation from. It’s been my love for creative expression that brings us back to our true selves, back to the nourishment of the earth, back to the collective consciousness that we are. It has been this belief and growing motivation that has taken me through the creamy rich and roughly thin moments in my life.

For those of you who knew the first chapter of free to be; handmade earrings, you’ll recall the inspiring, ‘may you be…’ expressions that came with each item. A less is more collection of words for each pair of earrings to dance true in the wearers life. It was either the words or the beads that caught your heart. As much as I have left (temporarily) this part of business, it is my relationship with words that remains and has become a message weaved, mixed and whirled into each bar of soap that you glide over your skin.


For an ordinary moment of self-care, bathing can be experienced as a therapeutic immersion into a deeper, rougher, darker part of yourself that can be cleansed, soothed and nourished with the spirited essence of the bar you choose. It may be that Soothing Cedar has invited you to create safety with who you are among the world of many, like a tree that stands in the forest tall to receive the sun. It could be the celebration of Patchouli Party that you welcome love, and act from the sacred heart centered place. Perhaps it’s the peppy message of Peppermint Pleasure that reminds you to remain grounded in all that moves you. Could Campers Clarity welcome more time spent quiet in nature, on a warm summers night? Or could the Tender Tea Tree’s message encourage you to release old wounds filling them with tender love, acceptance, and beauty.


When you supply your skin with nutrient rich all natural soap, you are certainly reclaiming your natural beauty. You are undoing each layer of toxic residue from commercially made skincare products to restore your purity that lays dormant below. When you absorb each swoosh of free to be soap you are going beyond skin deep. You’re supplying your soul with nutrient rich words for a more loving, accepting, fulfilling clear, clean, life.


Make an ordinary moment extraordinary by making your showers and baths consciously revitalizing deeper than your skin cells.

[google image, artist unknown]

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