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‘free to be’ signature natural soaps are more than just natural soaps among the hype of society ‘going natural.’ They represent an ecofriendly life practice. They support faith in natures capacity to heal us through oils, butters, clays and botanicals. They support creative flare with rustic colours, scents and textures. They connect to our elders and old world craftsmanship. Lightly scented with essential oils, each bar a character of its own kind holds a spirited message that declares, soft, clear skin and lifted spirits.

When I’m not making soap, you’ll find me teaching yoga! Every class I teach like a batch of soap; following the same recipe, each bar naturally unique, so as the student. Every yoga sequence lathers and purifies the body and mind with breath, flexibility, strength and rest. Free to be yoga is a slow, progressive series to create a safe and nourishing experience.

The lucid caress of natural soap on your skin or yoga on your mat is an invitation to self care. Like returning to the same shower each morning or night, imagine all of your moods and identities running down the drain rinsing you of their limiting residues. Stepping off your yoga mat purified and prepared to return to what’s familiar yet with softened edges to give and receive love.

Find my wellness soaps at GreenUP at 378 Alymer St in Peterborough or place your order after visiting Join me for yoga on Mondays and/or Thursdays at Sky Studio (291 Charlotte St)  from 7:30-8:45pm and stay for tea after class if you’d like!  – Article written for Transition Town’s local magazine, Greenzine. Issue 24 Spring/summer 2015


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