Drop In Yoga Schedule


‘We don’t use our body to get into a pose, we use the pose to get into the body.’

Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga


Katie weaves the philosophy of yoga in every practice; lightly educating you with the lessons of yoga, the emotional and physical body integrated with a love for modern neuroscience research. Through breath and movement, you are free to be. Free to stretch, to release tension, to challenge yourself, to gain strength and flexibility, to set intentions for healthier thoughts/life choices, to develop a deeper connection to yourself. Yoga can be restful, challenging, and playful. Keeping in mind that we all have limitations, each class is gentle to encourage a healthy expansion in the body & mind.

free to be fosters mindfulness of the breath. When we live with fullness of breath, we have access to improved clarity, inner peace, and connection to the present. Yoga is defined as union. Come unite your breath with your presence and cultivate for yourself, a quieting of the mind, deepening of self love, and soft discoveries in the body.



Sky Studio at Century Health Massage Therapy Clinic

291 Charlotte St. Peterborough


705 872 7115




A gentle yogic experience that encourages a balance between effort and rest, stretching and strengthening, movement and stillness, breathing naturally and exploring breathing techniques to further a quieting of the mind and body. With opportunities to navigate the practice of meditation, we get a sense for the timelessness of the here and now.  As we cultivate the quality of balance in our bodies and mind, we can move, think and feel with more resourcefulness and creativity.

Dress in layers for this class, feel free to bring a blanket and/or pillow from home for optimal comfort




A restorative yogic experience that encourages deeper rest that intelligently replenishes your reservoir of vitality. Using props such as bolsters, eye pillows, blankets, sandbags, blocks, the wall and chairs we find the support we need to find a soothing surrender in the body and mind. As we cultivate intelligent rest we reclaim our worthiness to be grounded, calm and resilient to all that we experience.

Dress warmly for this class, and feel free to bring a blanket and/or pillow from home for optimal comfort

$10 Drop In

6 Class Pass $50 = 1 class FREE!

9 Class Pass: $80 = 1 class FREE!

12 Class Pass: $$110 = 1 class FREE!




2015 Community Collaborations 

Ongoing Offering – Yoga Wellness Program with CMHA LYNX Program

Weekly meditation and gentle yoga stretch with John Howard Society’s suspension/Expulsion Program at PCVS

April 2015 –  PCCHU Smoking Cessation Program, Partners in Pregnancy

May to June 2015 – Pilot ‘Mind Shift’ Program at Thomas A Stewart Secondary School (mindfulness, meditation and chair yoga)

May 4th, 2015 – ‘Rest & Digest’ Free Youth Yoga Class in support of Peterborough’s Youth Week

June 2015 –  PCCHU Smoking Cessation Program, Partners in Pregnancy

June 2015 – 3 sessions with Lakefield Secondary School, PCCHU Smoking Cessation

June 2015 – Restorative Yoga for Transition Wellness Institute Workshop Series

September 23rd, 2015 – Talk on Mindfulness with Life After Stroke Peterborough Support Group

October  21st, 2015 -1 hour workshop with Fleming College’s Practical Nursing Students Summer Program

December 10th, 2105 – ‘Love My Life’ (LML) Conference: Introduction to Mindfulness

2014 Community Involvement:

Weekly meditation and gentle yoga stretch John Howard Society’s suspension/Expulsion Program at PCVS

April – June 2014: 10 week Therapeutic Yoga with John Howard Society’s Quantum Program

July 5th: 1 hour workshop with Fleming College’s Practical Nursing Students Summer Program

September – December: Weekly 1 hr meditation and relaxation with partners  John Howard Society and PCCHU

September 7th: 3hr workshop collaboration with Sarah Rudnicki, Celebrating the Sacred Feminine Yoga and Belly Dance

September 29th & October 5th:  YWCA Wellness Workshops

November 6th & 7th: 1 hour workshops with Trent BScN Students

November 11th: 1 hour workshop with Trent Practical Nursing Students

November 13th: Therapeutic Yoga, 6 week series with partner, CMHA LYNX Program

November 2014 – Introduction to Yoga and Meditation in partnership with PCCHU Smoking Cessation Program, Partners in Pregnancy

December 11th & 18th: Introduction to meditation and yoga with TASS Students in collaboration with PCCHU


Katie’s volunteer history includes teaching with the City of Burlington, Chick Fit Program for girls ages 10 and up. and restorative yoga with the Carpenter Hospice Wellness Program in Burlington.


Contact Katie by email katie@free2b.ca or by phone: (705) 872-7115


 Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hr+

Trained with Dan Clement, Open Source Yoga & Live Yoga in White Rock, BC


‘In specifics, you want to practice with open hands and soft palms. You want the shoulders, wrists, and all the joints relaxed. You want to move to and from the core of the body. Don’t put any tension on the periphery. Work without struggle. This is strength that is soft. This is strength receiving. This is male and female united within and without.’

Mark Whitwell, Yoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection